Here are some great relaxation and meditation resources, and they’re free!

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I have often wished for a handy compendium of relaxation and meditation exercises to give to clients for use between sessions. In the old days, we used to record our own and give them out on tape cassettes. Later, we used CD’s. We could also recommend books with relaxation scripts and ask clients to tape record themselves or a family member reading them.

Thanks to the Internet and some helpful organizations, I can share a list of links that can be used anytime you have a computer and Internet connection. You can try them out to see which ones help you the most with stress reduction and relaxation. Here they are:

Hobart and William Smith Colleges Relaxation Exercises (mp3 files, scripts and suggestions):

Arizona State University Virtual Counseling Center Relaxation Exercises:

The Meditation Room (Various meditation scripts in the form of streaming audio files):

Self-Help Magazine Stress Reduction & Meditation Center (Various audio, video, ald slideshow presentations for relaxation and meditation:

Vipanassā Fellowship – Buddhist Mindfulness and Meditation Audio Recordings:

These and additional links for relaxation, breathing, mindfulness, and stress reduction can be found at the Loyola University Maryland Counseling Center’s “Relaxation Room”:

CC BY-ND 4.0 Here are some great relaxation and meditation resources, and they’re free! by Fitzgerald Counseling is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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