Make a Payment to Dr. Fitzgerald via Square

This page allows you to make a payment to Fitzgerald Counseling (using Square). Information about insurance panels, fees, employee assistance program use, and other financial topics for clients of the practice is on the “Finances” page.

Please note: This website does not save your credit card information – it is sent  in encrypted form directly to Square. No personal health information is sent. However, if you request a receipt,  your e-mail address or cell phone number may be transmitted unencrypted. If you believe that  this would cause problems (for example, if someone who may get access to your e-mail or phone should not know that you are seeking counseling), please do not request a receipt, or feel free to discuss the situation with Dr. Fitzgerald before making a payment through the website. By using the Square payment app here, you are agreeing that you accept the privacy settings of Square.

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Make a Square Payment

Allows you to enter an amount due for behavioral health services, and make a payment using Square.
  • Patient Name
  • Please enter the address listed on the credit card account you are using
  • Enter the amount you are paying (from the statement you received)

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