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Paul Fitzgerald: Phone (708) 695-8646

Fax Number (E-Fax): (314) 675-6788

E-mail: Paul (at) fitzgeraldcounseling (dot) com

(E-mail cannot be guaranteed to be secure and confidential. It is suggested that you not include anything of a highly sensitive personal nature in an e-mail message)

To Request an Appointment (Currently unavailable):

Please use the button or link below to view Paul Fitzgerald’s available appointment times (at either physical office, or via virtual visits – i.e. tele-health).

If you are a new client, please use this button below. You will be asked to create a login, and to provide some information which will be stored securely in the practice’s HIPAA-compliant portal.

If you are a current client, please use this link below to request an appointment. You will be directed through the online portal

Request Appointment – Current Clients

For more information about tele-health visits, please see the “Tele-health” tab at the top menu of this website.

Please note that there may or may not be availability in the office you request at this time. If not, you will receive a message to call (708) 695-8646 to request an appointment.

Secure/Confidential E-mail to Dr. Fitzgerald

The general e-mail address listed above is not guaranteed to be secure/private, due to the possibility that an e-mail message could possibly be read by someone other than the sender or recipient as it travels across the Internet. In order to communicate securely with Dr. Fitzgerald to discuss personal or confidential information, please use the following e-mail address:

pauljfitzgerald (at)

(Substitute the @ sign for the (at) in the above address).

This is an encrypted e-mail address which is HIPAA compliant. Please note that someone might still be able to break into your computer or e-mail account and read an unencrypted version of your message. If you would like me to respond with a message that is encrypted on both ends, please include that in your message, and I will send you instructions for how to do that.

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