Contact Dr. Fitzgerald

Paul Fitzgerald: Phone (312) 834-3491

Fax Number (E-Fax): (314) 675-6788

You may call me at (312) 834-3491 or send an e-mail to the address below.

E-mail: Paul (at) fitzgeraldcounseling (dot) com

(Although this e-mail is HIPAA compliant, it is suggested that you not include anything of a highly sensitive personal nature in an e-mail message)

Secure/Confidential E-mail to Dr. Fitzgerald

In order to communicate securely with Dr. Fitzgerald to discuss personal or confidential information,you may use this encrypted e-mail address:

pauljfitzgerald (at)

(Substitute the @ sign for the (at) in the above addresses).

Please note that someone might still be able to break into your computer or e-mail account and read an unencrypted version of your message. If you would like me to respond with a message that is encrypted on both ends, please include that in your message, and I will send you instructions for how to do that.

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