Adlerians Gather in Minnesota This Week!

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This week will be the annual conference of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology, held this year in Bloomington, Minnesota. This is the largest show of support on the continent for Alfred Adler’s Individual Psychology tradition.

I will be joining a number of my colleagues from Adler University’s Chicago Campus, and our students, as we participate in the conference and network with each other and with other Adlerian institutions (such as the Adler Graduate School of Minnesota).

Several of us will be presenting a panel discussion on Saturday, May 14, on the topic of “Encouragement.” This is a key concept of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs, and it promises to be a very enjoyable and interactive discussion about how we have experienced encouragement in our lives and how we can encourage others:

Encouraging Yourself and Others: An Interactive Exercise and Panel Discussion Dedicated to our Encouragement Mentors: Don Dinkmeyer Sr. & Dan Eckstein, Mark Bilkey, Jon Carlson, Jennifer LaCivita, Paul Fitzgerald, Jay Colker, Tiffany McDowell - Clinicians/Education Ψ±

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