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In May, I presented at the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology’s annual conference in Minnesota, along with colleagues from Adler University’s Chicago Campus. Our panel discussion was on encouragement, and we spoke about the different ways we have experienced encouragement in our lives and tried to pass it along to others. In my discussion,… Continue Reading Encouragement, Pain, and Survival

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This week will be the annual conference of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology, held this year in Bloomington, Minnesota. This is the largest show of support on the continent for Alfred Adler’s Individual Psychology tradition. I will be joining a number of my colleagues from Adler University’s Chicago Campus, and our students, as… Continue Reading Adlerians Gather in Minnesota This Week!

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Last night I visited the downtown office of the Center for Contextual Change, an established psychotherapy organization that specializes in treating the effects of trauma. I had the opportunity to speak with Mary Jo Barrett, LCSW, a founder of the group and currently the Executive Director.

A couple weeks ago I received an e-mail from a person representing a drug and alcohol treatment center out in the rural South. He wanted me to put a link to his program on my website. I thought I’d share part of the request and explain why I would not agree to do that (for… Continue Reading How Are Things Down on the Ranch?

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I would like to encourage you to visit the website of Meg Coyne, LCSW, and Coyne Counseling. Meg is an experienced and skilled couple and family therapist who trained at the program of the Chicago Center for Family Health, under renowned family therapist Froma Walsh, Ph.D. Coyne Counseling is located at 22 W. Washington, Floor 15, #78,… Continue Reading Welcoming a Family Therapy Colleague to Downtown Chicago

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I was interviewed for an article in Addiction Professional magazine, on the subject of “Training for New Settings.” The author also spoke to my colleague, Dr. Joseph Troiani, who is the director of the Substance Abuse Certificate Program at Adler School of Professional Psychology. The article examined new developments in treatment and the implications for training… Continue Reading Interviewed for Addiction Professional Magazine

I recently attended a training workshop presented by Gateway Foundation at the Adler School of Professional Psychology. The presenter, David Mee-Lee, M.D., was one of the editors of the criteria used by substance abuse counselors to guide placement into treatment. His “take-away” message was that treatment professionals need to become experts at meeting clients “where… Continue Reading Advances in Addiction Treatment – 2012

Today’s keynote speaker at the Adler School of Professional Psychology’s conference on urban mental health was Professor Sir Michael Marmot, a researcher at University College London who specializes in studying health inequities around the world. He made a number of excellent points. One of his points was that disparities in income and wealth have been… Continue Reading Professor Sir Michael Marmot at Local Conference on Urban Mental Health

Former Rep. Patrick Kennedy, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, and Rep. Mike Quigley held a public hearing this evening in Chicago, on the current state of the Domenici-Wellstone Mental Health Parity and Substance Abuse Equity Act, which President Obama signed into law over two years ago.

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In the interest of being “media social,” fostering dialogue, and keeping things interesting, we’ve added a “Discussion” page to You will need to log in to become a discussion user… So it’s not anonymous and I can delete posts that are not appropriate. (This is equivalent to being moderated). Logging in to post can… Continue Reading We’ve added a Discussion Forum