Predicting and Preventing Workplace Violence: An EAP’s Worst Nightmare

The recent tragedy involving the murders of a news reporter and camera operator on the air in Roanoke, Virginia is a reminder that workplace grievances and grudges can erupt into violence very easily, and that terminating a person’s employment can be the trigger that causes a marginally disturbed person to become violent. Taking away a person’s job not only threatens his or her sense of survival (because a job is the means we have to provide ourselves with food, clothing, and shelter), but also threatens a person’s self-image and self-worth, when being fired is equivalent to a rejection. One of the most difficult aspects of such a situation is that the breaking point may not occur when the employer and co-workers might expect it and can prepare. Often, as in this case, it simmers for months or even years before a violent incident occurs.Continue Reading Predicting and Preventing Workplace Violence: An EAP’s Worst Nightmare

Support mental health and social services in Illinois

Right now, providers of mental health services in Illinois (as well as providers of services for child welfare, ex-offenders, domestic violence, sexual assault, and vocational training) are suffering dire challenges due to the financial problems of state government. Despite a recent income tax increase, these agencies are not being paid and face even more cuts in the near future. Many agencies are being forced to limit new clients, amd may have to shut down altogether. Please ask your state legislators to consider how these important services may be protected and preserved, so that our most vulnerable citizens will not have to be deprived of the services that help them improve their quality of life.