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Hello! I have completed my treatment for prostate cancer and recently had a follow up appointment at the urologist’s office. My PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) level was 0.009. Anything under 0.1 is often labeled as “undetectable,” so that was extremely good news.I completed 28 radiation treatments on March 16, and will not need any more Androgen Deprivation Therapy shots after the one I had in December, 2022.

There is a good to excellent chance that the cancer will not return, but I am prepared if it does. There are plenty of weapons in the arsenal and more are being developed all the time. I truly appreciate my medical team at UroPartners and UChicagoMedicine/AdventHealth in Hinsdale. And another shout-out for the Wellness House in Hinsdale, where I am continuing to receive excellent exercise and support services at no cost. They recently held their annual Walk for Wellness House and I participated as well as donated. Hundreds of people showed up, and over $750,000 was raised. The prostate cancer group’s team (TheCrownRoyalsTeam) were the biggest fundraisers of all the teams. Well done, guys! You are some of the nicest and most helpful people around. And extra shout-outs to MIchael Russell, PsyD, who leads the prostate cancer support group, Alex Bohnstedt, who leads the Prostate Cancer Exercise group, by Zoom, and Jeri Lau, who leads the in-person Saturday Exercise during Cancer Treatment group.

With all their help, I expect to live a lot longer and to be in much better health. I intend to keep working providing psychotherapy as long as I am able. And be sure to keep up with those cancer screenings: PSA for men, mammography for women, and colonoscopy for everyone over 45.

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